Tom Toney was born on July the 19th 1944 to Donald and Margret Willis Toney. The youngest of five children. His brothers are Paul and Donald. Sisters are Patricia and Brenda. Tom was married to Lora Gillispie for twenty years and had four children, Thomas, David, Emmitt, and Lydia.

Tom was married to Rita in 1988 and had three more children that he loved as his own. Melanie, Rusty, and Leslie. He also had six grandchildren.

Tom was a veteran of the United States Army. He was in uniform during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After the Army, Tom settled down to raise a family. He was employed by the C&O Railroad which later became CSX. He ruptured some disk in his back and was forced to retire. After retirement he worked full time in his business of Toney’s Painting. He had been operating his business while employed with CSX as well. Like most businesses in the area at the time in the 70’s and 80’s, they were prone to lay employees off. Tom was a well respected and sought after painter who used his business to help others and teach wonderful life lessons to his children and grandchildren. 

Tom was stolen from a family that loves him on July the 8th 1994, eleven days before his 50th birthday. His absence is still felt in hearts of those of us who knew and loved him. Since then, he had more grandchildren who never got the chance to meet him and his children have become grandparents. Please take a few minuets and sign our petition. We appreciate your time and effort.